Flash Game Preservation (AKA Life after the Death of Flash) | Flashlight

Want to know How to play Flash games after 2020, when Adobe Flash player support ends?
Look no further!

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Thank you to Tom Fulp, Mike, and anyone else who worked to make both Swivel and Ruffle a reality!
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With support for Adobe’s Flash player being ended this year, December 31st 2020, Flash game preservation has become a serious topic of discussion. How will we play Flash games in 2021?
There is a LOT of misinformation out there! I’ve seen scores of comments who assume that Flash is gone forever. Worry not!

Through (1) Conversion (2) Emulation, and (3) Collection, you’re favourite Flash games are here to stay! Be sure to follow up with Flashpoint, Ruffle, Newgrounds and others to make sure your favourite games are being tracked, and preserved. While 2020 maybe the the death of Flash, at least we can still play all the best flash games for many years to come!
RIP Adobe Flash player

0:00 Goodbye Flash
0:44 Video outline
1:40 Hope for the future
3:25 Flash player history
5:27 1. Conversion
13:27 2. Emulation
17:55 3. Collection
22:06 Here to stay

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🆑 NHÀ CÁI FI88 TẶNG 188K 🆑 


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